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Clear Creek Constructs FAQS

Q: Will the Community Areas of Building 103 be Renter Ready?

A: Space will have asbestos abated (the entire building will be abated) and will be waiting for future “tenant finishes” to meet the needs of future programs and occupants. There is also potential for additional funding through grants or partnerships to provide some of these desired finishes. It is important to note that “renters” would need to be aligned with district and community priorities, and be separate from an elementary school. Examples: expanded area for childcare; a performing arts space; outdoor education offices;  a community kitchen.

Update 3/22/23: Building 103 asbestos abatement is funded through the Bond. The Board of Education prioritized partners CCECE and CCCAE during the September 27th, 2022 Business Meeting. Funding to finish these spaces would come from the partners/renters or other grant/donation sources.


Q: How much will the district net from the Sale of the Carlson property? Where will that money go?

A: The District is expecting to net more than $5 million from the sale. That money will be deposited into the capital reserve fund and be used to pay for emergency repairs, preventative maintenance, and could provide funding for additional space renovations at Building 103. Putting dollars into the capital reserve fund also potentially allows us to leave more money in the general fund, instead of taking general fund dollars each year and putting them into capital reserves. 

There have been many ideas floated regarding the use of Carlson and/or the property, including housing, a hotel, retail, etc. It’s a great location that should be of benefit to the town and community in general.

Update 3/22/23: The Board of Education will need to declare Carlson excess property prior to starting any sales. No formal review has been done to determine Carlson’s value.

Q: Would the library be impacted by a sale of Carlson? 9.23.21 

A: The library property is separate and not owned by the school district. There is no conversation of which we are aware that impacts the library space or property. The library is well situated for local residents and is a great support for students and families across the entire county. 


Q: Who is the hired architect/ contractor for the Building 103 renovations? 

A: As of 4/7/2022, CCSD has awarded an Architect.  Once an agreement has been completed, the public will be notified of the Architect selected.  Interviews for a General Contractor will be completed within the next month. 

Update 3/22/23:  RTA, Inc is the contracted Architect for Building 103 renovations and Fransen Pittman Construction Co, Inc. is the Construction Manager/ General Contractor.

Q: What, specifically, would each school community receive from a new bond?

A: A remodeled elementary school in the former middle school in Idaho Springs, or Building 103; a remodeled King Murphy Elementary school with expanded preschool capacity, security improvements, and exterior improvements; upgrades to the kitchen area, completing the roof replacement, exterior siding and pavement repairs, and improvements to the flooring at Georgetown Community School; upgraded security, gym floor repairs, and purchase/installation of athletic field lighting at Clear Creek Middle & High School. 

Update 3/22/23: Please reference Ballot Issue 4A for each school’s scope of work.



Q: What are the anticipated costs for each set of projects? 

Elementary School in Idaho Springs: Building 103 -  $24.9 Million

King Murphy ES - $1.25 Million

Expanded Pre-K 

Gym Renovation 

Floor Improvements 

Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment 

Exterior Improvements 

Security Improvements 

Clear Creek MS/HS - $500,000

Flooring Improvements 

Security Improvements 

Football Field Lights 

Georgetown Community School $750,000

Food Service Infrastructure 

Exterior Improvements 

Flooring Improvements 

Update3/22/23: Please see Quarterly Reports for current budgets and costs.


Q: How are you planning to reduce space if excess space is a problem?

A: The plan to renovate Building 103 to hold an elementary school, plus district offices, plus community spaces is one strategy for reducing excess space. Previously, moving the district offices out of Building 103 was considered as a way to reduce space. However, renting space is an expensive option and the district does not have funds to purchase a district office. While there is no current plan to change grade configurations of schools, that is a strategy that can be used if excess space exists at one level and student population exceeds space at a different level. 

Update 3/22/23: Building 103 will hold the Elementary School (Pre-K through 6th grade). District offices and partner areas are also identified. The District does not anticipate excess space beyond what is currently being planned.


Q: What student enrollment number are we using to plan an elementary school in Building 103? 

A: An elementary school model is based on a set of specifications that can include a range of enrollment. Current plans would include a renovated elementary school in Building 103 for a range of 150 to 350 students. One of the benefits of Building 103 is that because there is extra space there, configurations could change over time as enrollment changes. 


Update 3/22/23: Flexible classrooms are being considered with the overall design. This would allow CCSD to increase or decrease rooms based on enrollment numbers.


Q: How will you support enrollment at GCS and King Murphy if you create a larger, newer elementary school in Idaho Springs?

A: Again, we value neighborhood schools. Each school offers something slightly unique to the local community. This is and will continue to be our message.

Q: How will you keep students separate from those who use other portions of Building 103?  

A: It will be important that anyone using space at Building 103 has a purpose aligned with the district and community (see similar answer above). Elementary school students will be separated by different entrances and secured from other occupants of Building 103 (the only exception could be school district offices nearby or part of the school). 

Q: Have any Bond projects been completed?

A: The roof at Georgetown Community School was completed over the Summer of 2022. Additionally, the King Murphy Pre-K expansion project was completed late Fall 2022 and is now occupied by students and staff!


Update 3/18/24: Bond work is complete at King Murphy Mountain School, Georgetown Community School, and Clear Creek Middle/High School. Projects remain under warranty.

Q: Which schools will be getting new furniture? The ballot 4A language is confusing.

A: Both Building 103 and King Murphy have plans to receive furniture as originally planned and budgeted under the Bond. District staff recognizes the need to inventory FFE across the District and was discussed formally with the Board of Education in March 2023 along with other assets, such as Food Service Equipment, IT, and Transportation.

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