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School Closure and Delayed Start Information

When faced with inclement weather and challenging road conditions, we do our very best to assess the situation and make decisions based on what we know. 


We begin checking road and weather conditions at 3am. We have spotters in various parts of the county who provide information on roads and weather. We have district staff who drive questionable areas to assess conditions. By 5am we make a decision, which could be no change to the schedule, a two hour delay, a remote learning day, or a full closure. The decision is made early because our bus drivers, food service workers, and other staff begin their day significantly before students arrive at school. 

In order to make a decision regarding delay, closure, or regular schedule, we take into consideration:

  • Are the roads safe, and/or do we have information that they will be plowed/sanded prior to buses needing to travel?

  • Are the parking lots accessible and safe? 

  • Are the school buildings fully functioning, including heat, electricity, water?

  • Can operational staff get to their locations in time to drive buses, clear parking lots/sidewalks, cook food, open the building, etc?

  • Can instructional & support staff get to school, considering road conditions in surrounding areas?

We live in a beautiful location and are especially grateful for the mindset of families & staff: we are mountain tough AND we want our kids to be safe! Also, since our county has a wide diversity of geography, please know that if at any point you as a parent don’t feel safe sending your child to school, we will always excuse your child during inclement weather. Be sure to call the school. Take your time & be safe CCSD!

Finally, be sure your contact information is up to date in Infinite Campus. Any changes to school start times or school in general are sent out via ShoutPoint, posted on our website,, and posted on our Facebook page,

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