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Board of Education

District Representatives:

District Roles:

  • Legislation & Advocacy: Jessica North, Kelly Flenniken. Backup if needed: Kerry Ann McHugh

  • Teaching & Learning: Jessica North

  • Finance: Kelly Flenniken

  • Capital Improvement & Bond: Kelly Flenniken & Kerry Ann McHugh (jointly)

  • Behavioral Health & Wellness: Erica Haag. Backup if needed: Marcie King

  • Charter School: Kerry Ann McHugh, Marcie King

  • Safety & Emergency Planning: Kerry Ann McHugh

Committees & Organizations:

  • Mt Evans BOCES Board: Erica Haag, Jessica North

  • Colorado Department of Transportation CDOT: Jessica North

  • Board of County Commissioners: Kerry Ann McHugh

  • Compensation Committee (Negotiations, CCCEA): Erica Haag

  • Clear Creek Community Partners: Erica Haag, Marcie King

  • Mayors & Commissioners Meeting: Jessica North

  • Georgetown Community School Board: Kerry Ann McHugh

  • Clear Creek County Emergency Management: Kerry Ann McHugh

  • Henderson/Freeport McMoRan Community Partnership Panel: Marcie King, Kelly Flenniken

Board of Education Meeting Schedule:

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