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Learner Profile

CCSD Learner Profile: Clear Creek School District strives to cultivate these 21st-century skills and qualities in students: Communication, Character, Leadership, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Adaptability. See our Learner Profile attributes in action at Carlson Elementary School here. For more information on CCSD's Learner Profile, see our CCHS Graduate Profile Continuum



The CCSD Learner Profile was co-created by CCSD and our community members. Our community and educators see value in ALL of our CCSD graduates having these attributes before moving forward in the world. In the 2021-2022 school year, 84% of students reported developing at least one Learner Profile attribute with the most reported attribute being Adaptability.

Having a co-created Learner Profile supports CCSD's work of sending our students into our community with community valued traits and plants the seeds for our students future success, either in a traditional college setting or by starting their careers right here in Clear Creek County in one of our many trades or industries. In 2019 the largest industries in Clear Creek County were Construction, Retail Trade and Accommodation and Food Services, employing about 36% of the total working population in the county. 

Clear Creek Learner: Communication, Character, Leadership, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Adaptability. With these skills, Clear Creek Golddiggers will be prepared for their futures with hope and confidence.
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