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Educational Technology

Mission Statement for Student Learning:

Foster a passion for technology-driven learning and equip students with essential digital literacy skills while cultivating their adaptability and critical thinking abilities. Through effective integration of educational technology tools and collaborative online experiences, we empower students to develop their character, leadership skills, and confident problem-solving capabilities. By nurturing adaptability, we strive to prepare our students to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, enabling them to become enthusiastic learners and adept contributors to their digital communities.


Mission Statement for Teacher Professional Development:

At Clear Creek School District RE-1, our mission is to empower educators with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to harness the full potential of educational technology in the classroom. We are committed to providing transformative professional development that fosters innovation, enhances pedagogical practices, and ensures equitable access to technology-enhanced learning experiences for all students.

Feel free to explore the resources above. If you have any suggestions on new tech tools or content, feel free to contact

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