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Multilingual Learners

CCSD serves all language learners including students with home languages other than English.  All classes will be taught in English and teachers will be specially trained to help students learn English while they learn other subjects.  In alignment with CCSD’s vision, the CLDE team will work to ensure every language learner will be empowered to gain knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in all aspects of their academic life.  Our goal as a department is to ensure we support all culturally and linguistically diverse students and families.  

In an effort to better support students, the Colorado Department of Education is requiring educators with Elementary, Math, Science, Social Studies and English language arts (and any middle-level) endorsements to complete Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Education training or professional development (PD).  

It is our mission to ensure that all CCSD teachers have completed the appropriate training necessary to support our ML students.

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