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CCSD Nondiscrimination Policy and Complaints

Title IX

Clear Creek School District (CCSD) complies with Title IX and the implementing regulations. Sexual harassment is recognized as a form of sex discrimination and thus a violation of the laws which prohibit sex discrimination. A learning environment that is free from sexual harassment shall be maintained. It shall be a violation of Clear Creek School District Board Policy for any staff member to sexually harass students or for students to sexually harass other students.

In accordance with the CCSD Board Policy AC-R-5, Sexual Harassment of Students, if you believe an individual has been sexually harassed in a such a way that rises to the level of discrimination in violation of Title IX, please contact the district’s Title IX Coordinator or complete the Title IX Complaint form.


Employees that feel they have been sexually harassed should report allegations to the office of Human Resources.

In accordance with CCSD Board Policy AC, Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity Interpersonal/Human Relations, and its corresponding regulations, no discrimination on the basis of sex is permitted in the programs or activities CCSD operates. If you believe an individual has been discriminated against based on their sex in violation of Title IX, you can file a formal complaint with CCSD. 

Title IX Forms


Title IX Coordinator: CCSD Director of Teaching and Learning, Becky Dancer,

Complaint Form

Nondiscrimination/ Equal Opportunity Policy

Title IX District Training

Sexual Harassment

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