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Superintendent's Message

Mid Point Reflections and Updates (2/10/24)


First I want to thank all our staff for the effort you make on a daily basis.  I watch you in the halls, on the buses, in offices, and extracurriculars, and everyone is working hard to make CCSD a quality student experience.  I have enjoyed working with a group of people who bring their best every day, and it shows. We are in the back half of the year, and it is a time when the rubber meets the road in many ways. This communication helps share information on some of the more prominent topics we are working on this spring.


State Assessments

I am not a score chaser; however, school performance and a favorable climate draw people to our schools.  Often, our success is generalized in a composite score such as a school report card or district rating.  This is just the nature of the game.  Due to our small population, opt-outs can drop a school rating and put us on a different improvement plan cycle.  The statute clearly states we can not make families participate, but if they are on the fence, please have them connect with our building leaders.  My personal philosophy is to know where my student is compared to the bigger groups we are often compared to across the state.


Health Insurance

Our insurance committee is looking to get better rates and better coverage for our employees.  The committee wants to hear concerns and successes with our current provider so they can get the best benefits package for our employees.



The district leaders are beginning to work with the board to prepare for the 2024-2025 budget.  This is always a time when we look to gain efficiency and ensure we have a solid plan for the foreseeable future to ensure we can operate and be competitive as a school district.  Our Board, Hollie, has done a great job of managing our money in a tight economy. Our biggest issue is our declining enrollment districtwide and figuring out how to change that trend.  If you follow the national news, our area in Colorado is trending the same way. We are coupled with limited housing options for young families and limited daycare in our district, which is a challenge.  Hopefully, we will see more housing open up, and with the addition of the daycare at the New Carlson, we can shift the trend in the near future.  Until then, we are trimming where possible while considering students' needs.



I want to publicly thank our transportation staff for their ability to operate out of a parking lot and maintain uninterrupted service to our students.  The TMF new facility is in the drywall stage, and if we get a favorable weather window, paving could occur in late March.  Fingers crossed!  This would make an April move a real possibility!


New Carlson (103)

I walked the facility on Friday from top to bottom, and it is coming along and on time.  The classrooms will be fantastic, and the support rooms for programs like Preschool, SPED, and Expeditions Flex spaces will be welcome additions.  The school will open on that campus on the first day. We will still have playgrounds and exterior work to complete through September, but we will have a new school to showcase for the first day.  It will be an iconic building with upgraded amenities to meet modern needs.  We have been collecting some of the original furniture for a few Retro rooms, so if you have a piece in your classroom, office, or area, we would love to see if it is worth adding to the collection!


New Superintendent Search

The Board of Education is working hard to find a  fit for CCSD.  I have received inquiries about my experience here, and I always share that my talent and commitment to students are solid. The instructional work you are doing is one of the best reforms I have been able to work with in my career.  I share my thoughts on the next steps and support the efforts and vision set forth and how I see it benefiting students. You will have outstanding leadership in the future, and I hope to leave the district better than when I arrived.  The system will grow if every leader does this, and students benefit!  Keep the course!

Finally, thank you to our mental health and counseling staff members.  Last week was the national week honoring your groups, and I continually hear the work you are doing to keep our students supported and able to cope through some tough times.  And, of course, none of our buildings function without great leaders to lead the charge daily!


I have a deep passion for this work and am honored to be able to work in a special place!


Mike Gass

Interim Superindent

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