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Clear Creek Constructs

School Projects (Bond):

Picture of new Carlson Elementary School
Click here more information on projects at GCS.
Click here for more information on the projects at KM.
Clear Creek High School picture

Capital Improvements (Non-Bond):

TMF Construction photo

Mission Statement:

As a visionary school district, we re-energize our facilities to inspire creative, healthy, and safe learning environments with the engagement of our community.





















District Standards:

Clear Creek School District RE-1 (CCSD) Facilities & Maintenance Department (FMD) 2022 edition of its Technical Standards marks a new approach to providing Architects and/or other Consultants for the design and specification of District facilities and facility improvements.

The Technical Standards identify vendors, products, and equipment pre-approved for conformance to District standards and expectations. They are intended to promote consistent quality and reasonable continuity in products, materials, systems, and workmanship for all District facilities.

The Technical Standards are not intended to limit creative design or functional problem-solving, and are not intended to serve as buildable technical specifications. Proposed deviation from the Technical Standards is expected when new codes, standards or products require the District’s attention. Consultation with and acceptance by the CCSD is mandatory. View our updated standards here.

Request for Qualification (RFQ):

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