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Universal Pre-School Program (UPK)

The Universal Preschool Program in Colorado is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing high-quality early childhood education to all eligible children in the state. This program reflects Colorado's commitment to ensuring that every child has access to a strong foundation for learning, setting the stage for future academic success. Through the Universal Preschool Program, families can enroll their children in accredited preschools, fostering early cognitive and social development. The initiative prioritizes inclusivity and equal opportunity, recognizing the importance of early education in shaping a child's trajectory. By offering universal access to preschool, Colorado aims to bridge educational gaps, promote school readiness, and lay the groundwork for a more equitable and prosperous future for all children in the state. In Clear Creek School District, the UPK Program allows us to offer families a significant savings  in what they would normally pay in tuition, if they qualify. Please view our Tuition Menu on the Preschool Registration page for details.

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