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Staff Directory

Leah Allaire

Director of Finance

Aaron Behring

Director of Facilities Management

Jennifer Behring

Financial Administrator

Brooke Buckley

Director of Transportation

Becky Dancer

Director of Teaching & Learning

Kelly Flenniken

Treasurer to the Board of Education

Kristin Funston

Director of Human Resources

Mike Gass

Intermin Superintendent

Melinda Gordon

Multilingual Learner Coordinator

Erica Haag

Secretary to the Board of Education

Lori Heaney

Assistant to the Superintendent & BOE

Mitch Houston

Executive Director of Clear Creek Schools Foundation

Laura Johnson

Clear Creek Schools Foundation

Terri Jones

Director of Special Education

Dacia Kelly

Career Connections Coordinator

Marcie King

School Board Member

Sarah Langford

Technology Support Specialist

Lisa Lee

GT Teacher

Heidi Lupinacci

Preschool Coordinator

Ethan Macmillan

Supervisor of Technology

Kerry Ann McHugh

Vice President of the Board of Education

Michelle McNeil

Student Data Services

Jessica North

President of the Board of Education

Steve Swartz 

Director of Food Services

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