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Compass Day & Enrichment Activities


COMPASS Day is Clear Creek’s 5th day of school, with engaging activities that ignite student interests and enhance learning. Clear Creek has a 4-day school week providing low to no cost enrichment/recreation experiences on the COMPASS Day (Fridays). COMPASS Day programs are free for CCSD students from 8am-12pm at Carlson and King-Murphy and from 10am - 2pm at the Middle/High School. The Middle and High School Learning COMPASS Day programs have a more flexible schedule depending on the activity. For Friday afternoons, Kids Korner (serving Idaho Springs/Carlson) and Rocky Mountain Kids (serving Evergreen/King-Murphy) offer fee-based afternoon care. Transportation is provided for field trips and off-site activities leaving from each school site on COMPASS Day. 

COMPASS stands for:

C hoices in

O utdoor Education

M etro & Mountain Expeditions

P assion Projects

A cademic Achievement

S tudent Internships/Jobs and

S pecial Family Time

  • Outdoor Education: Students can dive deeper into the great outdoors through formal outdoor education and informal leisure time.

  • Metro & Mountain Expeditions: Students can participate in field trips to Denver, the mountains and beyond, discovering new places, people and experiences.

  • Passion Projects: Students can pursue their unique passions in extracurricular activities, athletic events, fun classes and independently led projects. 

  • Academic Achievement: Students can access tutoring services and  participate in STEAM activities. Older students can take college classes at nearby colleges.

  • Student Internships/Jobs: Students can explore professional pathways via internships and jobs. They can also complete community service hours.  

  • Special Family Time: Students can enjoy ski weekends and other excursions with their family. Or, they may simply prefer rest and relaxation time. 



Some students seek out fifth day enrichment opportunities and find themselves thriving in a different learning environment. Other students are benefiting from having a fifth day with no direct instruction, and instead have time to complete homework and seek extra help as available. 

Students: Students can take advantage of experiential learning opportunities across the region, thriving outside the traditional classroom setting. 


Families: Families can choose between formal enrichment programming or opt to create a day of quality family time, appointments, outdoor leisure, etc. 


Community: Community groups can partner with the district and provide experiential learning, internships and community service opportunities.


For any questions on COMPASS Day, please reach out to the relevant site coordinator: 


Please email general questions or concerns

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